About us

Floral Trade Group is a family business boasting almost 50 years of experience. We build a well-considered concept, with the client, to optimally provide your (potential) customers with surprising and colourful floriculture products, through our joint knowledge.


All the companies that are part of the Floral Trade Group are characterised by an informal and agreeable working atmosphere. We operate using a horizontal organisational structure. We work with as few management layers as possible and the management or supervisors' doors are always open.

Social responsibility

To the Floral Trade Group Corporate Social Responsibility is not simply a slogan, but an everyday reality. It involves concern for the environment, employees and society.


The Floral Trade Group is a family business that was founded in the Seventies and is now a full-range supplier to wholesalers, florists, retailers, export and commission sales and major importers. Offering an immense assortment of cut flowers, cut greenery, plants and decorative items.