About FTG

About FTG

More than 900 people work within Floral Trade Group and their family of companies. The ambition to grow, offers plenty of challenges and opportunities to develop your knowledge, skills and career.

Vision, mission & core values


The market for floricultural products and decorative materials is changing rapidly. Whereas previously the available supply was the central trade driver, now demand dominates. And that too is changing faster and stronger than ever.

Producers and retailers continue to grow, often work across national borders and place more emphasis on corporate social responsibility. This offers plenty of opportunities for chain partners who are innovating and are open to join forces.

Core values

Our vision and mission are reflected in the company’s core values. Floral Trade Group is a leader in the industry: entrepreneurial and creative, result-oriented and innovative.

FTG also stands for personal commitment, family, passion and reliability. Caring and respect for our living environment. Connecting parties by working together, making each other stronger and always keeping the customer in mind.


We prefer to talk about future-proof entrepreneurship. In order to be able to do what we are good at in the future, we must already consider the impact of our working methods on the environment, employees and society.

We search, learn and look for different ways to deal with this in the right way. Together with our partners, we want to take the right steps to improve our achievements and remain future proof.

MPS standards
Once a year, we are inspected by a certified external agency for actual compliance with the established quality policy and the MPS standards. With this quality mark we show that we do everything we can to guarantee the quality of our processes and products.

Van der Plas Foundation

Floral Trade Group is also committed to a better world in other ways. Through the Van der Plas Foundation, which was founded in 2013, the company supports people in need and social projects in third world countries. Examples of this are training projects and microcredits for starting entrepreneurs. Every year, FTG makes a financial contribution to this foundation, which is run entirely by volunteers and has an independent board.

The current board consists of H. van der Plas (chairman), M.C. van der Bent (secretary) and G. van der Marel (treasurer) (figures will be updated to 2020).

Van der Plas Foundation
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