Willem van der Plas senior drives a truck, full of flowers and plants, a few times a week to Germany, where he delivers a growing number of florists.


The business is growing and his sons are joining the company. That means: more trucks and a growing customer base in several countries. What remains is the personal attention for customers and the desire to relieve them as much as possible.


The move to Rijnsburg means a new phase of autonomous growth and cooperation. This is accompanied by a considerable broadening in assortment, customer groups and markets.


Growth is continuing through various business acquisitions and the expansion in the online field. Partly thanks to major investments in automation and a digital ordering environment, the group is clearly taking shape.


The year of the founding of the Van der Plas Group, in this year the various Van der Plas companies merged into one company. This was necessary to build a solid foundation for the future.


In this year, Heembloemex became part of the Van der Plas group. The four brothers got a 5th ‘business’ brother: Cees de Mooij.


Van der Plas Group changes to Floral Trade Group. This is an independent name for the holding above all companies within the group.


The size of the Floral Trade Group requires a new strategy; companies are being merged and restructured. The floricultural sector is changing and Floral Trade Group is responding to this.


The position in the retail field is strengthened by the acquisition of various companies that supply retail. Because Floral Trade Group controls the chain from the beginning to the consumer, we work efficiently and transparently, resulting in a high return.