Takeover of Greenflor Aalsmeer

Within Heembloemex, Cees de Mooij is responsible for the import and Marcel Heemskerk for the export. After the takeover of Greenflor they become part of the Heembloemex group.


Establishment HBX

HBX natural living is established after an increasing demand for decoration articles. There is still a close cooperation between Greenflor and HBX-natural living.


Search new markets further on!

The line with Tunisia is professionally handled with a partnership. Pistache is an important product group. Takselect is created by demand for pistache. Green goes well!


Cash & carry Heembloemex import changes name to Greenflor Rijnsburg

Cash & carry Heembloemex import verandert de naam in Greenflor Rijnsburg With this new name, we are ensuring a uniform appearance in the market.


Season extension through assortment expansion

Outside the seasons, Greenflor started looking for alternatives to further broaden its assortment. The expansion of the peony assortment in 2010 is a great step in that direction!


Webshop professionalisation

In addition to the cash & carry, the growth is reinforced by sales through the webshop. Customers can now also shop from a webshop with a wide range of special flowers.


Takeover of Jardin Hortence

The nursery Jardin Hortence in France exclusively supplies hydrangeas to Greenflor. The acquisition of the nursery provides a guarantee for this unique product group. And so these lovely hydrangeas find their way all over the world!


Merger Heembloemex group and the Van der Plas group

Van der Plas Groep merges with the Heembloemex group. By joining forces, the strength in the field of procurement will increase. The range of products is therefore becoming larger and more extensive.


Roses from Ecuador find their way!

We are adding this specialist product group to expand our range of roses. New Ecuador is brought to the niche trade under the roof of Greenflor. This allows us to offer the most exclusive roses all year round.


Takeover H.J. De Mooij

Growth, growth, growth! The products of H.J. de Mooij are a perfect addition to the niche assortment of Greenflor. Greenflor is therefore increasingly becoming a total supplier. Moreover, the mentality of the new colleagues fits in well with ours.


Establishment of Masters in Dried Flower

Trends are important in our sector and we know that. In 2019, for example, we are already seeing that dried flowers are becoming a trend and we are responding to this in full. We are expanding our product range with a wide range of first-class dried flowers and are establishing the brand Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers op.


Acquisition G.J. de Ruijter

Through the takeovers, Greenflor is increasingly becoming a one-stop shop. Customers can choose from niche products that make Greenflor unique, but also key basic products that allow the customer to buy a total package. This makes Greenflor a total supplier!

Greenflor grows in a steady pace In the future, too, we have the daily ambition to become even bigger and better. This is how Greenflor continues to surprise the world!