“My first contact with FTG was a conversation with CEO Wim van der Plas. In this I was immediately struck by the warm welcome, the openness in the conversation and the giving of trust. Three elements that made me immediately feel I belonged and that my contribution was appreciated. That is inviting.
That warm feeling is reinforced later when you notice that the approachable and informal go hand in hand with treating each other with respect. Without regard to anyone or the position you hold. Everyone feels safe, valued and respected”.

Togetherness and conviviality

The regional makes many people know each other. This brings togetherness and even sociability, especially among young people, even if it concerns work. Even pensioners like to keep coming because of the social contact and to keep doing their bit.
These are important cultural characteristics to cherish and to realise the long-term ambition, “sustainable continuity” of the family business.

‘Those are important cultural traits to nurture.’

Renewing intuitively

Building on the foundation of the past is important, understanding what history teaches us about the present helps us look into the future. Even though FTG focuses on the future and the long term, the stories of the past should not be forgotten and should continue to be told to each other.

FTG is a learning company. Whereas in the past decisions may have been made more on intuition, nowadays modern techniques and systems are used to do so. FTG has the strength to learn to deal with (and apply) new developments and techniques to combine them with the intuitive, the strength of the family business. That makes FTG absolutely distinctive from many other companies.

Committed, connecting and enterprising

The pride in the family business is palpable across generations. And also the will to want to contribute to the further development of the organisation. I like seeing the older generation taking care of the younger generation, without favouring the family. After all, work has to be done, work has to be done.

To be able to take the next step as a company, it is important to continue to create the right conditions that align the above with the company values. We want to be and remain committed employees as well as connecting and entrepreneurial.