Floral Trade Group wants to do the right thing—moreover, we want
to do it well. People and relationships are central in this respect.
Our family-oriented business model combines trusted traditions,
warm relationships and generations of experience with sustainable
innovations at today’s brisk pace.

Quality & sustainability

Our motto is ‘Sustainability is done together’, as our people, our planet and our business objectives all share centre stage. We realise that work impacts people and the environment. That is why sustainability plays an important role in all the choices and considerations we make in our daily work, as well as in future projects and adjustments to our business operations.

Growing and blooming

together–as a family!


At Floral Trade Group, we stand for purity, authenticity and involvement. Floral Trade Group wants to brighten the world with all of Mother Nature’s assortment loves, joys and sorrows…in short, all the moments in life that touch you. We make a difference by going the extra mile for our customers.


We are connectors at heart. We connect flowers, plants and decoration to customers, and we connect trends to consumers. And because we feel connected as a group, we work closely together and bring out the best in each other — this is what makes us a winning team!


We are constantly on the move and constantly looking for new market opportunities. In this search for opportunities, we are agile, resourceful and inspiring. We are go-getters, always quick to respond. ‘Win-win’ is how we think, and we make the most of synergy advantages within our group.


Through the Floral Trade Group Foundation, set up in 2013, the company supports people in need and social projects in developing countries. Examples include schooling projects and micro-credits for budding entrepreneurs. Every year, FTG makes a financial contribution to this foundation, which runs entirely on volunteers and has an independent board.

Floral Trade Group Foundation
Laan van Verhof 40 – 2231 BZ Rijnsburg
RSIN/Fiscal code: 852679476
Chamber of commerce number: 56812639