Botanical with a touch of chic boutique!

Alianne Beekhuis works as a receptionist and administrative assistant at FTG: “In addition to my work as a receptionist and administrative assistant, I take care of the decoration of the reception area. I have completed my training in Floral and Interior Design and am currently studying to become an interior designer. In fact, I am always on the lookout for the latest interior design trends. I regularly change interiors and certainly accessories! I get my stuff from several shops. Sometimes I keep something from the decoration of the reception room and put it at home. Our interior used to have light colours, but now our house has warm and full colours. I love plants and flowers; the atmosphere in my home is botanical with a touch of chic boutique!” Translated with (free version)

Interieur van Theo

Dried flowers are abundant in my interior!

Theo Maagdelijn is junior account manager at Summaflor: “I get my inspiration from, among other things, watching what’s happening on the clock. I see the latest articles that appear on the market. I also follow many stylists and flower shops on Instagram and LinkedIn, especially in the countries where the customers I serve are located. This keeps me up to date with the trends that are going on and allows me to capitalise on them. You can make me very happy with a beautiful bunch of seasonal flowers like hydrangeas or peonies. I describe the style in my house as modern and innovative. The current trend is the dried flower, so you’ll find plenty of dried flowers in my interior! Translated with (free version)

I’m inspired by Pinterest and nature!

Naomi Landman works as a sales rep for the Netherlands at HBX: “In addition to my work as an office saleswoman, which takes me to many different places, I also scour Pinterest for inspiration. I also get inspired by nature. I would describe my interior as Scandinavian. At the moment I have beautiful dried flowers from HBX in my house. A fresh bunch of flowers or a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers always makes me happy! And of course my son Riley, who’s also a bit part of the interior, haha.” Translated with (free version)

A large plant and hanging plants are a must in every home!

Hillery Boere is a graphic designer within Floral Trade Group: “I have several dried flowers in the house. I saw a similar bouquet on Pinterest and was inspired by it. I would describe my style as boho-Ibiza combined with some crazy and colourful elements. A beautiful bouquet of dry flowers alternating with a fresh field bouquet once a month makes me happy. In general, I feel best in a light space. I also think a large plant and hanging plants are a must in every home! And it also provides good humidity.”