New collection

“We were looking for a unique way to present our autumn and Christmas bouquets and arrangements,” seller Ronald Hartevelt proudly explains. “This seemed like a good idea to us. Our designers have temporarily transformed this Amsterdam building into an amazing world of dried flowers that will leave you breathless. You will find endless inspiration here, from 16 to 26 September, between 12 and 18 hours.”

Candy store

As wholesaler in dried flowers, Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers will open the pop-up store especially for all their relations, existing and new. “But of course everyone who loves dried flowers is welcome to be inspired and see the latest trends,” adds managing director Alain de Mooij. In this candy store for dried flowers, you can feast your eyes on clouds, walls and vases full of dried pearls. From graceful, playful Pampas plumes to beautiful Phalaris and heavenly Hydrangeas: this pop-up store is a must-visit for every dried flower lover.

Dutch Masters

In the 1970s, Jan-Willem van Delft of Greenflor came into contact with dried flowers during his summer job. “I was so charmed by the industry that I worked with dried flowers for twenty-five years until they went out of fashion,” says Jan-Willem. “But a good trend always returns. When the demand for dried flowers increased, we as Greenflor started a new dried flower brand. Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers was born!”