‘I always know what is hip and trendy’

Jeffrey van Huet has been the plant purchase coordinator at Summaflor for a year now: “Together with my colleague Django Damsma, I buy all indoor and outdoor plants. These plants are delivered to retailers. I see it as a challenge to buy beautiful products and to seek cooperation with growers and customers. I read all kinds of interior design magazines and lifestyle books and watch various TV and YouTube programmes. This way I’m always up to date with what’s hip and trendy!”

‘Nothing is really the same as when I started’

Stefan Hoek is a buyer at Van der Plas: “Among other things, I buy the phalaenopsis, the plant arrangements and I support my team in buying their product groups. I have been doing this for more than 12.5 years and still enjoy it! Over the years, the range of plants has changed and there has been a transition to a digital range. Actually, nothing is the same as when I started. Our purchasing team consists of five people and we have three salespeople. The diversity of the activities makes my work very enjoyable. It is also great that plants are trendy again! The demand for green plants is high. I still buy phalaenopsis the most, but I have noticed recently that the demand for garden plants is growing. People are home more, so they want to make their garden more cosy.”

‘Besides working hard, I find laughing hard together just as important!’

Frank Haaring is a buyer at Zyon and works in Naaldwijk: “I mainly do the day-trade for a foreign supermarket chain. The nice thing about my job is the diversity; I also enjoy the many contacts with different growers. By building up good contacts with them over the years, I also benefit from that. We have a nice team of six colleagues, in which everyone has their own speciality. Good cooperation is our strength! Besides working hard, I find laughing hard together just as important! I also get positive energy from the fact that we only receive the orders for our client at around 10.15 a.m. and that we have this merchandise ready for departure at 5.00 p.m. that same afternoon. When I walk around the box then, I think: We’ve organized that together again so quickly!”