Huig has worked at our company since he was 16 years old. He can still clearly remember his first working day. In the middle of French Mother’s Day week at the time, he started out packing bouquets.

In between, he was away for nine months, but when management asked him to return, he didn’t have to think long about it. Then again, it turns out that the grass is not always greener.

Before the age of 20, his dream came true, where he got the chance to become a buyer of roses. This he did for about 20 years with great passion and pleasure.
“Of course, a lot has changed over time. I have seen people come and go. But also in terms of technology. Purchasing was done physically on the auction clock and now via digital remote purchasing. We once started with a landline phone, then came the fax and the mobile phone. You can’t imagine that now.”

Huig is positive about change. “I see changes as opportunities and challenges and like to take my team with me on this. The company has also become a piece of yourself. I love the delusion of the day and it is pleasant working with colleagues.”
A few years ago, he was asked to take on an operational, management role within what is now the Retail Flowers & Plants company.
“In this role, there is a different dynamic and I like that too. Not having to set an alarm clock like in my days as a buyer got used to quickly,” he says with a big smile.

Next year, he will celebrate his 25th anniversary. A milestone to be proud of!