“I enjoyed looking for and representing customers in Italy for many years. That’s where my interest lay and it gave me a buzz when they actually started buying. That was my goal: to trade with Italians.

Be meaningful
Still, it started to itch. I wanted to be of added value in society and I recognize myself in the young people who run at Stichting De Brug. I could have gone that way myself, but I’ve had the chance to go in the right direction. Now I guide ex-drug addicts and help them integrate into society. I do this by collecting items for Thrift Shop De Brug together with them and bringing them to people’s homes.

I want to be there for boys who are no longer seen by society. Get them back into society. That will not happen every week and remains a major challenge. I am aware that I cannot just solve their problems, but I do want to help them regain their self-esteem. I want to give them the message: ‘Go with God, and it will be well’. I say that in words, and I make it clear to them by showing it. I had to gain their trust first. Fortunately, it is starting to land more and more that I have good intentions.

From commercial drive to drive to help people
The culture shock was quite intense. You come from a warm social environment with a permanent job to uncertainty and the circular thoughts that were not my own. I exchanged my commercial drive for a drive to help people. And that is completely different! If it were up to me, I would have sold certain items for a lot more money. But I really like the idea of ​​not always wanting more.


About Stichting De Brug
Ex-drug addicts have had an intensive process and live in the houses of De Brug. They participate in reintegration projects, for example at the thrift shop of the foundation. The first step is to get rid of the addiction, the second step is to get to work. It remains sensitive to have a relapse.”

Do you have any items that can last a second round? Contact the thrift shop of the De Brug Foundation. Who knows, Nino will soon be at your door!

Fortunately, Nino is not completely gone. The Thrift Shop is closed on Mondays and you can still find it at Van der Plas!