Family of businesses

FTG’s right to exist lies in continuing to deliver added value for our clients. In order to continue to serve the client optimally, we organise ourselves as closely as possible to the client (journey). This is also the origin of the family business Floral Trade Group; people within the independent companies who maintain warm contacts with the customer.

In this way, the commercial label retains a recognisable identity for the customer and by focusing, you are close to product-market combinations so that you can add real value through expertise. Whether that is for a large retail customer or the specialist on the corner.

Division structure

Each segment has its own specific challenges. As a mixed company, we found it important to separate by customer type or activity in the form of divisions. Within the division, each company serves a specific product, market combination, but the companies combine market insight, product knowledge and craftsmanship. By doing this on a divisional scale, we create synergies to operate at optimal efficiency and have sufficient scale to continue innovating with responsible investments.

Great examples of this are the fine-meshed “Cube” distribution system for the specialist trade and the bouquet lines at the retail division. But also the specialist import of large product groups such as roses to special and exclusive products from around the Mediterranean Sea.

The power of the group

The floriculture sector is a consolidating market, with chain shortening where scale matters. Our buy-and-build strategy contributes to the fact that our size enables us to invest in knowledge and services that we provide from within the group to all divisions (and thus to the companies). This specific knowledge from within the group is organised centrally, but always with a direct link to the decentralised executive power within the companies. This structure is flexible and evolves according to the wishes and requirements of the time. Thus, both cross-company themes and company-specific issues are optimally addressed.

Scale matters

Due to our size, we are, for instance, able to organise sea container transport on internationally sourced products. This provides us with additional resources for our purchasing apparatus and strikes a blow when it comes to sustainability. In addition, our financial management is set up in such a way that we can see the state of affairs per company, per division or overall at any time of the day. And with our Business Intelligence department, in addition to real-time insight, we are also able to make predictions that benefit our business operations.
The structure is designed so flexibly that we can continue to react quickly, but it is not defined in detail. Using our core values of commitment, connection and entrepreneurship, this structure provides the right grip to deliver fresh flowers, plants and decorative materials through our customers to consumers every day!

Empowering employees

By organising ourselves in the “3-layers” of group, division and underlying companies, we optimally combine scale and personal contact. This offers employees various opportunities. Where one may feel at home within a large organisation, another may opt for more dynamics within one of the companies. Moreover, one can develop further in various functions within the group.

This set-up enables us to attract the right talent to create powerful teams, we have specialisms in the right place and we are able to fascinate and bind people.