HBX wins road near

Exactly two years ago, Erwin flew headlong back with the last KLM flight from Manila. During the corona crisis, the buyers of HBX managed to form beautiful collections by means of video calling and viewing thousands of supplier photos.

Gerwin: “Finally we can travel to Asia again! All this is still possible with the necessary obstacles, PCR tests, special mandatory insurance, quarantines and separate flight routes. Yet we are very happy that it is possible again!”

Gerwin and Silvana will soon visit the international fair in India, where many suppliers of HBX are present. They are looking at the novelties and are already preparing for the Christmas 2023 range.

Silvana: “We are really looking forward to having personal contact with the suppliers again. Finally poking around in the factories and showrooms again: it was about time!”

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Traveling with Greenflor

Marc is a buyer at Greenflor and lives in France to put together a nice range for Greenflor. Because he lives there, he has close ties with growers and knows how to source unique products.

Marc:  “When I realized in high school that further education would take another four years, I decided to use those years to travel around and gain experience. I came to France when I was eighteen. There I worked for a grower in Hyere in southeastern France. After a few months I started selling his flowers in the Netherlands. It went so well that I bought extra flowers at the auction in France. There I came into contact with Cees de Mooij, after which I started working at Greenflor. That has been 18 years ago. I still enjoy the work very much. Over time we have expanded the product range nicely!

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