Floraplus ApS has been a well-known name among florists in Denmark for many years. A high-quality and wide range of flowers, plants, and decorative materials is supplied to this clientele of Danish florists. Van der Plas has been the main supplier from the very beginning. This has developed from a close cooperation to an integration within FTG.

Per Jenssen, founder of Floraplus ApS, sees professionalisation as the main advantage among many others. ‘The combination of the trading spirit and the insight that the unlocking of the data gives us, ensures that there is a substantial improvement in serving our florist customers. The optimisation of the digital offering, sourcing, logistics solutions and opportunities for assortment expansion through FTG’s various subsidiaries complete the professionalisation. With these ingredients, we can achieve further growth at and with our customers.’

Floraplus ApS will continue to operate as an independent company, with day-to-day management remaining in the hands of Per Jenssen, but will now fall under Floral Trade Group’s Trade Division.