Maarten van der Bent nominates Mercy Ships
Justin and Marianne van der Spijk will be living and working with their three children for two years on the new hospital ship Global Mercy, which will sail to the west coast of Africa. Maarten: “Justin is a chef in fish restaurant Schuitemaker and has served many of our colleagues the most delicious dishes. In addition, his wife works as a photographer for FTG. She makes the beautiful pictures in this magazine! I think it is special that this family is committed to this cause; it is nice that we can support them in this way!”

About Mercy Ships
Mercy Ships provides free surgical care to the poorest of the poor and trains local health care personnel to structurally improve care on the spot. As Foodservice Manager, Justin is responsible for all volunteers in the galley, dining room and bakery and for everything to do with food. Marianne takes care of the children. She also hopes to fulfil a task in the dental team or as a photographer.

Nicolien Ouwehand nominates Xenia Hospice
Xenia is a safe, homely and cosy environment in the centre of Leiden for young people who need intensive nursing and medical care in the last phase of their lives.
Nicolien: “A few years ago, a good acquaintance of mine came to Xenia. A healthy, 45-year-old man who was full of life. After he was told he had an incurable disease, he died within a month. He spent his last weeks in Xenia hospice, and that was incredibly valuable for him, his family and friends.”

About Xenia
What makes Xenia so special is that this is a hospice for young adults aged between 16 and 45. These people would normally still be living life to the full, which is why it is so nice that this hospice is located in the bustling centre of Leiden. Xenia responds to their way of life and phase; for example, patients are allowed to organise a ‘final party’ for friends and family. There are even young adults married! Xenia is a warm place where people receive all the care and love they might wish for in the final phase of their lives.

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