Fresh and unique mix

Ellen works in the HR department of Floral Trade Group and lives by the sea.

“I visited the showroom at HBX last year and immediately fell for this beautiful dried flower wreath! I love a fresh and light interior. I don’t have one fixed style; it’s a hotchpotch of everything. That’s what makes my house personal and unique!

Not always so neat

Iris works at HBX Natural Living.

“In our house, I find the dining area one of the cosiest places: a large, round table with comfortable chairs. I have tidied up the table for the photo, but of course it doesn’t always look this tidy ;) Our style is a combination of basic and industrial. But to be honest, I’m not really conscious of a certain style. If I see something that fits in our house, I just take it!

Home is where the roses are on the table

Erik is accountmanager at Zyon.

“Here you can see my previous house, where I had put a cosy bunch of roses on the table for all the viewers who came by. Nine months ago I bought a 50s house, which we stripped completely. At the moment, we are in the middle of the construction phase. Luckily it’s almost ready and we can start decorating it. That’s the best part!”


Marc works at Greenflor Rijnsburg and prefers to leave the styling of his interior to his girlfriend.

“Decorating my home is not necessarily my expertise and I don’t spend much time on it. But of course it is nice to come home to a cosy house. So I’m happy to leave that to my girlfriend: she happens to be very good at it!

Everybody is welcome

Aagelien works in the marketingteam of Floral Trade Group.

I love green. The living room is full of plants. My house is always a sweet spot. I value that cosiness more than my furnishings. The round table in the bay window is the place for good conversations. I prefer to have a colourful bouquet of field plants on it.