“I am convinced that a company with engaged employees is more successful”

Dirk Varkevisser has worked at Van der Plas for 14 years: “Being involved means not only feeling connected to the company, but also being prepared to help, to advise and to assist where necessary. That can be done in all sorts of ways. For example, by sharing knowledge, encouraging colleagues or taking over tasks from others that have been left unfinished due to circumstances. A good example of this was seen during the first corona wave in the spring of 2020. Many employees were, without grumbling, put to work where they were most needed within FTG at that time. I am convinced that a company with engaged employees is more successful. I can certainly see that involvement within our companies. There is a motivated team of employees who will do anything to achieve the goals set. A team that is prepared to go the extra mile when necessary.”


“Connection creates a good atmosphere”

Erik van der Plas is Assistant Account Manager at Zyon: “Actually, I have been working for FTG for many years and have fulfilled several roles in the form of part-time jobs. From box employee at Van der Plas to rose salesman at New Ecuador. Because of this I recognise the qualities of the different companies and people. I enjoy working with colleagues who have the same drive as I do. Within our family business, we have many colleagues who also have a ‘heart for the business’. Through my connecting core value, I try to get people and companies to work together to achieve our goal. A nice example of this is that we at Zyon are in close contact with the retail growers. When one of our growers received a cancellation from a buyer, he called Zyon to see if we could help him out. I phoned the Van der Plas plant buyers and voilà: we had a beautiful assortment available for Mother’s Day. A win-win situation!”


“The people within Greenflor are real pioneers!”

Cor van der Gugten works at Greenflor: “Thanks to an enterprising attitude, Greenflor has developed into a company with a smooth ability to adapt. This is a must in the rapidly changing flower and decoration trade. We get our products from many different countries. Last quarter, we purchased 6620 different items from 58 different countries. Thanks to our enterprising and passionate buyers and sellers, we have achieved a progressive name in the world of flowers. We work closely together with our colleagues from HBX natural living on purchasing and product development. Therefore, we have more insight into the trends and both have purchasing advantages. Like in the field of dried flowers: we trade with all companies within FTG and realise a turnover of 4.5 million euros with this. A result to be proud of!”