Ambitious & innovative

The pilot – a collaboration between Roobos and partners from the packaging industry launched in April – is both ambitious and innovative. The aim of the project was to set up a circular campaign, better informing consumers about sustainability initiatives. Selected Belgian customers will have the opportunity to participate in a programme that not only recycles flower residues, but also transforms them into Flower Paper. This unique product offers a premium, natural look and is both sturdy and water-resistant, ideal for packaging flowers. It preserves the beauty of the flowers used, thus completing the sustainability cycle.

The sector of the future

This pilot serves as a powerful example of how the flower industry can contribute to a more sustainable future. It highlights the importance of collaboration, innovation and rethinking our relationship with natural resources. By turning waste into value, this collaboration shows that sustainable practices and business success can go hand in hand. These are great steps for Roobos towards the industry of the future!

“There is no such thing as waste, only untapped potential!”- Jan de Best, Box manager Roobos

Taking responsibility

Behind every major movement are individuals with a vision, each with their own story of passion and innovation. Jan de Best, box manager at Roobos, sees this pilot as a milestone in the company’s journey towards sustainability. “Every day we work with the beauty of nature. It is our responsibility to protect it,” says Jan. For him, this project is more than recycling. It is a manifestation of Roobos’s commitment to the planet.


About Roobos

Flower wholesaler Roobos has been operating as a flower wholesaler in Belgium and France for more than 40 years. Roobos has a range of more than 18,000 products and focuses mainly on small independent florists. Besides dedication to quality, sustainability is of paramount importance at Roobos. They are not only committed to beautiful products, but also to being environmentally aware.