Family Maagdelijn

At home, Theo (53), Elly (53) and Theo jr. (26) often talk about work. Theo works in the plant department at Van der Plas, Elly in the packaging department at Summaflor and Theo jr. as an account manager at Summaflor.

Theo jr.: “I joined the company at the same time as my father and started as an intern. After my graduation period, I got a job as an account manager and I still like this role very much!”

Elly: “Via my husband, I ended up at Van der Plas in August 2018. During the corona crisis in 2020, we all worked at Summaflor temporarily. I met such nice colleagues that I have enjoyed working there ever since.”

Theo sr.: “Of course we regularly talk about work at home. After the holidays, for example, when things have been really busy!”

Sisters Mariëlle & Dagmar

Mariëlle van Egmond-van der Meij (47) and Dagmar van Beelen (45) both grew up in the world of flowers and have been colleagues for two months. Although they both work at FTG, the chance that they will bump into each other is small.

Mariëlle: “I have just started at Greenflor Rijnsburg. I work in the office there. Although I’ve been in the flower business for quite a few years already, this job is completely different, but very enjoyable!”

Dagmar: “I have been working as an administrative assistant at Jack Heeringa since 2013. A lot has changed in all those years. Moving to the ‘old premises’ of Van der Plas, then the takeover by FTG and then the merger with Zyon. So this work is never boring!”

Father & Son Van der Vijver

Ruud van den Vijver (55) and Alexander van der Vijver (28) both work at Summaflor and are often compared by colleagues. They don’t see each other often, but the work they do together always goes well!

Alexander: “Before this, we both worked in Aalsmeer. A year after my father started working at Summaflor, I followed him.”

Ruud: “Still, it’s not often about work at home, you know. Only when something nice has happened. And I can write a whole book about that!

Brother & sister Guijt

Ellen Ouwehand-Guijt (34) packs at Van der Plas and Peter Guijt (41) processes the administrative data of Greenflor, Summaflor, HBX natural living and Project F. Because they do not work at the same location, they only meet each other at company parties.

Ellen: “I used to work in childcare and I wanted to do something different. I ended up at Van der Plas via family. I really enjoy it here!”

Peter: “I also ended up in this company sixteen years ago via an uncle. I still enjoy working with figures for different companies. And then to see the result of that!

Brothers Medrek

Zbigniew, Mariusz and Janusz work at Greenflor Aalsmeer. Before, they worked at HBX natural living and they have been an added value to our companies for years. The colleagues of Greenflor agree: ”Those guys are ready for Greenflor 24/7 and we are very happy with them!

Zbigniew: “Mariusz and I have been working here for some time, and Janusz followed us a few years ago. Recently we started living together in one house. We like it very much! In the summer and at Christmas we go back to our family in Poland.”