New: Bucket of the week

First of all, the Bucket of the week from Flowr, a customer of Summaflor. This unique piece is new to the range. What is it exactly? Bucket of the week is a biweekly changing bucket filled with beautiful different types of seasonal flowers. Nice for the customer: they can decide for themselves how they arrange the bouquet.

Still hot: dried flowers

Dried flowers: we can no longer do without them. Whether you like simple and natural or extravagant and colorful: Dutch Masters In Dried Flowers has it all. They have one thing in common: you want to take all the dried bouquets home with you to show off.

A bunch of happiness

This is not only a showpiece because of its appearance, but also because of the way it was made. Through our sustainable brand Refleur, we can bring even more joy and impact around the world with our products. The packaging is made from flower waste, the buckets are made from 100 percent recycled materials and the flowers are grown sustainably. We are on track!

To frame

HBX has everything you need for a trendy interior. You will not only find the most beautiful dried flowers there… No, you can also score a nice matching list right away. Not only unique candle holders… No, you can also bring cool tables that fit underneath. In short: shop the complete picture at HBX.


These are sparkling months at Greenflor. May and June are the months of the peony. They have them in all shapes and sizes. Last year millions of peonies were sold again!