He visited our most important producers in South America where millions of dollars are bought every year. In 10 days Ferry visited 26 companies. These companies are particularly big players in the field of roses and Gyps via Greenflor within FTG. He shares his lessons and highlights:


  1. The beautiful production fields of hydrangeas in Colombia. The size of some of these growers is amazing, here the rule is: big, bigger, biggest!
  2. Experiencing ‘on the spot’ the negative impact of a shortage of air cargo capacity. Full cold stores, people fighting for space and cooling capacity. And then hoping every day to get a few boxes on a cargo plane….
  3. To see with your own eyes the making process of the ‘Preserved Roses’, powered by Greenflor. It is magical to see how this works; you dip fresh roses in stuff that allows you dye the roses and preserve them for six months!


  1. In South America, a major consolidation is taking place among the growers. Large growers are also integrating forward, especially in the North American market. Some producers now have a turnover larger than that of FTG. We can take this as an example!
  2. The need to properly explain to growers which sales channels we use. They do not always understand the construction of different companies within FTG.
  3. South Americans work extremely hard. The pace on the work floor is extremely high. Respect!
  4. And as a person: how good we have it in the Netherlands!