Sander van der Gugten

“The first period after we started with the Kubus, we had a long run-up period in which production was less successful. Colleagues had to get used to the new working method and in the first few weeks processing took longer and we made more mistakes. We are now a few months further and you can see that everyone is getting better at using the Kubus. There is a big improvement in the productivity figures! We aim to improve this even further. The Kubus is a significant investment and a mega-project. I am proud that what started as a plan on paper is now actually running and working!”

Hans Barnhoorn

“I manage the employees in the Kubus. Over the past period we have seen more and more improvement! Order processing is getting faster and faster, because everyone knows what to do. I make sure that the right people are in the right place: one feeds, the other empties and yet another ensures that the trolleys are being built. I am very pleased with how things are going and I am enjoying it very much. The people and work make that I enjoy going to work every day!”

Jan van Rijn

“I started out in a cooling cell as an order picker and through hard work I was able to continue to grow. By now I am Jack of all trades inside the Kubus. I assist where necessary and ensure that errors are resolved. Being involved from the start and having been through the testing phase means I know all the inns and outs. We are a great team and we work fast. That is satisfying!”