How did you come up with this idea?

Nico: “I have been going on holiday to the Gambia for a number of years. A country with a lot of poverty. I want to help the people there. I started collecting clothes for one family, consisting of a father and four children. The father works as a taxi driver and has to support all the children on that salary and send them to school. In a poor country like The Gambia that is not possible.

” Huig: “I collect relief items for children in Belarus. Because many parents cannot take care of their children there, due to whatever situation, many children end up in shelters or orphanages. They have nothing but poverty.”

Gambia and Belarus, do they go together?

Nico: “The idea of ​​setting up a campaign had been in my head for some time. Still, I was a little anxious. I pay for the transport to The Gambia myself. If I got too many goods, I wouldn’t be able to afford the entire transport. Then I decided to approach Huig to see if we could work together. For example, I need light clothing, while he collects warm clothes. That way we complement each other nicely!

” Huig: “And so we kill two birds with one stone. He uses what Nico needs and what I need I use. That’s how we help each other. There is a transport to Belarus two to three times a year. The children are very happy with the smallest things.”

How can we help?
Nico: “It sounds crazy, but we can really use everything. For example, we also help an English woman who runs a baby and children’s clinic in The Gambia. We can therefore use clothes and toys, but also diapers and paracetamol. Things that are obvious to us, but not at all to them.”

Huig: “Do you have any good clothes that you or your children no longer wear? Hand it in, we can put it to good use. Or, for example, toys for the children. They are happy if you give a football.”

Nico: “Speaking of football: we also support two football teams. Jesse United (Valken 68) and Quickboys Gambia. Football clothing, football boots, footballs and everything that has to do with football is more than welcome!”

Help! Do you have items you no longer use or clothes that no longer fit? Submit it the last Friday of the month. The collection cart is at the entrance of Van der Plas.