Made for me

Mary-Ann van Eijk Bacolod (44) is a product developer at Greenflor and makes a festive arrangement with dried flowers in clothing.

“Creating something beautiful and always coming up with something new is my daily drive. This creation says enough about myself. Creativity, from nothing to making something beautiful, improvising and performing. In this garment, Nigella is bleached, Acroclinium pink with a beautiful black-yellow heart and very sweet light pink Phalaris combined with the light lemon-colored Immortelle. A cheerful color combination to welcome summer!”

on a large scale

Peter Erners (48) is a stylist at HBX Natural Living and has incorporated a sea of ​​flowers in this eye-catcher from HBX.

“The trick is to make as much as possible with few materials. After many years of working as a flower binder, I have now developed my own style. Braiding, knotting and creating beautiful constructions were always at the top of my list. Hence this frame. The arrangement consists of a low bowl of 70 centimeters. In this I made a frame of Corylus branches, which will still sprout nicely. Through this I braided a beautiful flower mix from Greenflor.”

Flowers from above

Lisa Messemaker (21) is a designer at Bries aan Zee and makes a hanging arrangement with dried flowers.

“Together with Bries aan Zee, I worked on a great project in May 2021: a chateau in France equipped with 40 square meters of dried flowers hanging from the ceiling. The end result was so beautiful, I still remember it! That is how I came up with the idea for this hanging flower arrangement with Limonium diamond blue, Statice limonium white, Spray roses pink and eucalyptus cinerea.”

Crowned with flowers

Daniëlle Adema (37) is a designer at Retail Flowers and makes a hair wreath of flowers for a wedding, party or for ‘Mid Summer’.

“In 2018 I lived for a year in Norway, where I worked for a chain of flower shops. In Norway, this kind of hair wreaths are very important during the Midsummer celebration. They are also worn on other festive occasions. During my stay in Norway I was allowed to make many wreaths. For consumers, but also to teach my colleagues. That’s why making this wreath brings back very nice memories for me!”