1. A green membership at FSI (Floral Sustainable Initiative)

FTG has been a member of FSI since the beginning of 2020, to make the entire chain in the flower and plant sector more sustainable. With this membership

we want to continuously challenge ourselves to purchase more and more sustainable products. We help growers to become more sustainable and to ensure good working conditions.

2. Wild plans with the FSI Wild Harvest Project

At FSI, we are investigating how wild harvested products can be classified as sustainable. Because products such as ‘Pistache’ and ‘Salal’ are picked in the wild, without a grower being involved, these products cannot simply be certified sustainably. Together with Greenflor, Adomex, Westland Bloemen Export, ColorÍginz and the Coventry University, we are therefore looking at how we can still assess these products for sustainability.

3. Even more solar panels on our rooftops

At the beginning of 2020, a subsidy was awarded to install approximately 3,500 solar panels on the roofs of Summaflor and Heeringa/Zyon. Installing solar panels on a roof is not easy. The panels must be able to withstand a strong coastal wind, which means that installations must be extra weighted. For this, the roof construction must be strong enough and the roof covering in good condition. In addition, the existing electrical installations must have sufficient capacity to be able to connect the solar panels. We will start working on all these preparations in 2021.

4. LED lightingplan and saving energy

In the third quarter of 2020, we started the search for energy-saving measures. This is necessary, because we as an organization consume such an amount of energy that we have to do an energy scan according to European law. Opportunities emerge from this scan that we as an organization can implement to save energy. A good example of energy saving is the use of LED lighting. Several properties within FTG have already switched. This is not only good for the environment, but also provides a good light output and is good for the wallet in the long run.

5. Transition into renewable energy

In the energy contract that we have concluded for 2020 and 2021, we use 100 percent wind energy. This applies to the buildings at Laan van Verhof 40, 43 and 56. As a result, the CO2 performance of energy on these buildings is nil. We are investigating whether it is possible to conclude a similar contract for the properties we rent, so that we can work much greener.

6. A green jacket

Together with the FM group (FleuraMetz), Jeroen van Splunter assesses our suppliers on sustainability. We use our combined purchasing size and look for the best deal, with sustainability remaining an important theme. Everything for a nice, green jacket.