Floral Trade Group

Floral Trade Group consists of several independent companies, each with their own customer focus.

Rooted in the traditions of a family business, our family of companies offers a full range of flowers, plants and decorative materials to florists, supermarkets, wholesalers and garden centres.



Specialty Flowers

Our Specialty Flower division is committed to being Europe’s market leader. With a focus on authentic craftsmanship, professional expertise and close customer relationships, we combine it all with the very best supply chain techniques, transportation systems and market know-how.


The Retail division is the partner for large-scale retailers looking for flower assortment and category management based on consumer knowledge. We are distinctive through our purchasing power, in-house sourcing, production, product development and supply chain management.


The import division is the inspiring trendsetter in floriculture. Through global sourcing with a focus on niche products in close contact with customers, partner suppliers and growers, it delivers a unique range from fresh flowers to cut greens and from dried flowers to decoration.


The home decoration division has been a trendsetting specialist in natural lifestyle and interior accessories for decades. Every season, our team selects and develops a distinctive range and collection of home decoration items based on the latest interior trends.

Flourishing Together

Our family-oriented business model combines trusted traditions, warm relationships and generations of experience with sustainable innovations at today’s brisk pace. ‘Flourishing together’ is our daily reality: we grow and strive to become better…every day…together!



Working at Floral Trade Group

Despite our size, FTG still possesses the characteristics of a family business. Close communication, low thresholds and personal contact are of paramount importance, and we aim to keep it that way. We have an informal culture where commitment, enthusiasm, personal ambition and flexible work approaches are valued.